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Robin Hood Gate

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Situated in the south-central Berlin borough of Tempelhof-Schöneberg, the "Tempelhofer Feld" as it is more commonly known is a wide-open greenspace in the middle of Berlin.

Formerly an airport, Templehof has now become a chill-out zone for many Berliners looking to relax and laze in the airfield's summer grasses which border its large run-ways.

Whilst parking is limited in the nearby streets, public transport links are good and there are usually food n' drink vans to be found on the park's borders. Toilets are located on the edges of the park near the three main entrances.


Kite Flying Restrictions :

None at this present time. As always kite within your own abilities, so avoid excessively large kites on super windy days and you should be ok. If you are traction flying here (i.e. outside of attending a lesson) it is recommended that you buy a helmet, some crash pads and kite killers.


Site details :

  :  Entrance is free
  :  Open from 6 a.m. until sunset
  :  No trees blocking the wind
  :  Car parking in neighbouring streets
  :  Some temporary toilets


Internet maps :

  :  Googlemaps.com


Current Wind Speed :


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