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Kitevibe is based inside Richmond Park, one of London's many Royal Parks and will soon be adding lessons in Germany inside Berlin's, Tempelhof Airport park area from april 2016.

Berlin Tempelhof Feld

In an exciting new development we will be offering kite lessons from april 2016 in Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany which is an amazing venue blessed with both huge, wide spaces and unobstructed wind directions.

Parking is available in the surrounding streets and there are many nearby coffee vans for drinks and refreshments next to the park entrances.

If you are unsure where to meet or if you have any special needs, please ring ahead on: +44 7866 430979 for assistance.

Robin Hood Gate

When in London we teach opposite Robin Hood Gate in Richmond Park, London for most of the year.

This is a huge expanse of grass serviced by two adjacent car parks. Food trucks are available in both car parks offering hot snacks and refreshments. Toilets can be found next to the Robin Hood gate entrance.

Roehampton Gate

During the winter (i.e. September-February) we are located at the Rugby fields next to Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park, London.

Parking is available in the nearby car park next to the roundabout and has an on-site cafe for drinks and refreshments. A toilet block is located inside the car park.

If you are unsure where to meet or if you have any special needs, please ring ahead on: 07866 430979 for assistance.

All of our chosen flying spots give us a great deal of flexibility with the weather and the direction of the wind so you can have the best time possbile flying kites.


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