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Kite killers

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Kite Killers (as they are commonly known) are velcro bracelets that fit over your wrists and are connected to the handles' brake lines of your four line kite. The idea being that if you let go of your kite they will pull on the kite's brake lines and "kill" the power immediately:

1. The kite doesn't fly away losing you your expensive kite.2. It also doesn't become a moving obstacle that might injure someone else.


Please be aware of the following: kite killers attach you to the kite.

Whilst you are beginning to fly two kite killers are fine but once you start moving or have anybody around you moving, we would suggest you use one only. That way if your kite should become caught around a moving object you can still release yourself from the kite with your spare hand. It's an extreme scenario but it is better to be prepared.

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