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We run a wide range of kiting courses from taster sessions right through to every kite traction course available.

There are any number of fun ways a kite can pull you along. You can sit in a kite buggy, stand on a landboard, wear a pair of inline skates or ride a surf board. We aim to get you there safely whilst having the most fun possible.

More flying

Power kiting is a definite muscle memory activity. The more the you do it the better you become. Gradually it'll become instinctive, giving you time to concentrate on other exciting thing like buggies, landboards and moving forwards with your kite.

At kitevibe we think you should get the most time flying possible and our courses are structured to precisely help you do that.

Course Dates

We run our courses every available day that we can (all year round) as we are obviously dependent on the weather for wind. When booking please contact us for a range of suitable dates based on the latest weather forecasts. For a full list of course FAQ's click here


Check out our galleries and see what other people have got up to our courses before you book.

We always try to get a few photos off in each course so as to show how you're progressing. You soon will be to share your kiting exploits with your friends through your own private gallery.

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