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Permit scheme

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As a traditional pastime enjoyed by generations of small children, kite flying has grown into an active sport enjoyed by all ages.

Working with the local flyers the Royal Parks have set up two types of flying zones ('static' and 'traction') and introduced a permit scheme for traction kite flyers to ensure safe, responsible kite flying for the future.

Do I need one?

If you intend to do any boarding or buggying you will need a kite flying permit. However if you are attending one of our lessons or are just flying your kite by itself you won't need a permit.

Permits are available from Holly Lodge on Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm. You will need proof of 3rd party insurance, i.e. a BPKA (British Power Kiting Association) or a BKSA (British Kite Surfing Association) card. Please contact: 020 8948 3209.

Download from here...

Here are some useful links in getting insurance as part of a first step to a permit:

:  BPKA Membership form (100k pdf)
:  BKSA Membership form (online)

You can also download a leaflet with details about kite flying in Richmond Park, its designated zones, the permit scheme and code of conduct:

:  Kite Flying Richmond Park (2.5Mb pdf).

If you don't have Acrobat installed you download it free from here.

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