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There are any number of fun ways a kite can pull you along. You can sit in a kite buggy, stand on a landboard, wear a pair of inline skates or ride a surf board. But where do you start?

We run a wide range of kiting courses from taster sessions right through to every kite traction course available.

Power kites

Power kites develop a lot more pull (or "traction") than your average children's kite. Both the 2 line kiting or 4 line kiting courses are great places to start so you can get used to how much power these kites can generate.

Power, as they say, is nothing without control and a 4 line kiting course gives you that. These kites have two extra brake lines compared to kites on the 2 line course. By adding brakes you can perform a much wider range of manoeuvres and develop steady traction.

Time to get moving

Once you've done your 4 line course it's now time to get you moving! There are two routes available; a kite land boarding course (where you stand on a oversized skateboard) or a kite buggy course (where you sit in a three wheeled go-kart).

Both of these course are great fun and will teach you how to orientate and tack against the wind.

Extra courses

By now you're moving and want to try out even more stuff and as such we run special courses to suit.

You might want to try out "depowerable kiting" (where you use a moving bar instead of kite handles) or maybe you'd like some 1-2-1 coaching with one of our instructors.

If you'd like to arrange a corporate event let us know and we can work out a package to suit.

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