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Course faq's

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When do you run your courses?

We run our courses from Monday to Saturday all year roundso as make the most of the weather conditions. Typically we are at our most busy on Saturdays, with 1-2-1 Coaching and specialist courses run by appointment during the week.

After booking you will contacted by us with a range of suitable dates with using the latest weather forecasts. Courses typically start at 11am each day but we can start earlier if necessary.


Can I choose a specific date when booking ?

Yes. Simply add your preferred date to the comments box as you proceed through the Paypal payment pages. Better still, please give us a call on 07866 430979 or drop us an email to check place availability prior to booking.

All bookings are valid for 1 year from the initial date of your transaction. If you are interested in buying a buying a course gift voucher for somebody click here for more details.


Where do you run your kite courses?

We run our courses in Richmond Park. Have a look at our location page where you can get travel directions and a map. These will be sent to you as part of our induction email that you will receive upon booking.


Why do you have two locations?

In the summer we run out courses at Robin Hood gate so as to not interfere with the ecology / nesting patterns of endangered bird species in Richmond Park. The park is a national nature reserve and we actively support the conservation efforts being made.


Is there a minimum age for students?

Yes. The minimum age is 10 years old. All children between 10-18 yrs old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during their course as per our child protection policy. You’ll be pleased to know there’s no max age limit and plenty of happy, stress-free examples flying in the park.


Do I need to be superhumanly fit?

Not at all. Fitness is not a barrier. We can scale your training to suit your requirements. So whether you just want to fly, stand still, jump, skid on the soles of your feet, buggy, landboard, or whatever we can adjust our training to suit your pace or medical background.

You will definitely get a good workout whatever your chosen level. The more you fly, the fitter you will become. That said, if you have any special health requirements or concerns please inform us well in advance of your intended course date.


Will there be any safety gear?

Yes. As part of your course you will be wearing a helmet and crash pads as a minimum. If it is your son or daughter that is attending a course or if you already have protective cycle gear or similar from another sport by all means bring it along to ensure a good fit.

Please note: All of our instructors are trained first aiders and carry a crash pac on the course in the event of an emergency.

All of our kites and equipment is regularly serviced and maintained to keep them at optimum condition. As part of your course we will be showing you what to look for and basic maintenance tips.


Can I choose a specific date for my course before booking?

Yes. Simply email us in advance of placing your order or give us a call on 07866 430979 to check date/time availability.


What about adverse weather conditions / cancellations?

We purposely have a large selection of kites in differing sizes and as such we can teach in a wide variety of winds. In addition to this we purposely keep in contact with students up until the day of course in case there are any changes that might affect your lesson, i.e. rain, thunder storms and so on. In the event of a postponement we will move your course to the next mutually convenient date or offer you a full refund as per our refund policy.


How else can I pay for a lesson?

All lessons need to be paid for in advance and are ideally done online using a credit card through our web site. However if you need to pay by other means( i.e. cash or cheque) please contact us beforehand.

Please note: Cheques need to arrive no less than 10 days prior to your discussed course date and that pre-payment is necessary to confirm all course bookings.


Is there anything I should bring?

Warm clothing or layers. Even on a sunny day the wind chill can steal your warmth should the sun dip behind the clouds. Bring also some shatterproof sun glasses as you will be looking up into the sky a lot. Sensible footwear is a must; trainers, walking shoes anything that covers or supports the ankles.

If you have any food intolerances or allergies please bring appropriate light snacks and water. Bring nothing that’s going to bulk you out.


Is there anything I should leave behind?

Anything expensive. You would be amazed how quickly things can get lost or disappear in the grass. It's just simpler if these items are left at home.


What kites will I be flying? What is the best kite?

It’s very important to us that you have a great time and we endeavour to make sure that the kites we use is as forgiving as possible.

Since there is no de facto "best kite for everything" we are keen to get you to try as many different kites or boards where practical or that time allows.

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