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Depowerable kites use a bar which slides back and forth increasing or decreasing the power whilst you are harnessed into the kite. Ideal for an intermediate kite landboarder or snow kiter they can generate incredible amounts of power and lift.

Because it is a very different way to fly compared to 4 line kiting we have put together a specific short course to ease you into depowerable kiting and its various safety concepts.

This is an next logical step for an intermediate flyer who has already attended either our kite land boarding course or kite buggy course.


In this lesson we cover:

  :  Assessing flying site
  :  Setting up kites
  :  Different kinds of harnesses
  :  Kite safety procedures
  :  Adjusting power trim
  :  Launching and landing
  :  Landing in an emergency
  :  Simple kite turns
  :  Reverse launching
  :  Building up traction
  :  Packing away safely

As with all our lessons we use a tick-sheet scheme so we can identify any areas that you may wish to practice.

(As an advanced course, please bring your own kite to be taught on as models can vary greatly between manufacturers.)


Course specifics:

  :  Prior Experience: Kite Landboarding
  :  Minimum age: 16*
  :  Duration: 2 hours
  :  Max class size: 4**
  :  Cost: £55.00 per person
  :  Dates: Weekdays/weekends (more details)

-------------------------------Book A Course

If you would like to book a lesson please email us first so we can confirm that this would be the right course for you (as this saves any needless confusion and ensures that you are on the right course for what you want to achieve).

Once we have agreed what would the best lesson for you and discussed a potential date, you will be emailed a link to our secure online payment page.

Email us now to book you course


† Recommended completion beforehand

* Please note: children (10-18yrs old) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian as part of our child protection policy.

** In extreme circumstances the class size of this course may increase by a small number due to prior course postponements and scheduling conflicts - but never into double figures. If you have any concerns please contact us beforehand or possibly consider booking a 1-2-1 coaching session.

All of our instructors are PKSF qualified, trained first aiders and have valid CRB certificates.

Course note: If you wish to bring your own kite by all means do. It's always better to teach you on what you plan to use and we can answer any specific questions you might have.

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