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How long has power kiting been around?

Power kiting really came into being in the early 70's with the advent of a flying wing made by two college students (later becoming known as the "Flexifoil"). The next step on was how it pulled you. New Zealander Peter Lynn started making three wheeled buggies and ever since then people have been attaching all kinds different things to themselves: skis, skateboards, surfboards, roller skates etc.


Which is the right course for me to start with ?

If you're just starting out a 2 Line kite course will prepare you for the all the other courses to come. The next logical step is a 4 line kiting course which is directly aimed at preparing you for kite buggying, kite land boarding and more.

If you're still unsure give us a call on 08766 430979 or drop us an email at: .


What level will the course be at ?

All our courses are run on an equal level basis. This means you won't find yourself on the same course as some seasoned expert when you're the one just looking to start out.


What can i expect to achieve?

At the end of each of our kiting courses we want you to be able safely set your kite up, launch it, fly it and pack it away again as a minimum. And have a great time doing so.


How intensive will the course be ?

Obviously different people learn at different speeds so we will be monitoring your progress on tick sheets so you can see how far you've come and what areas, if any, need more work.


How long will it take to learn?

Like most things kite flying is about practice. The more times you fly the more accustomed you'll become to the force your kite generates in different winds. No wind, or day for that matter, is ever the same and that's what makes this sport so fascinating. Our courses are designed to get you going as quickly as possible with the emphasis on you having lots of flying time.


Is there a certificate ?

Certificates of course attendance are available upon request and are posted on after the course.

We also offer a range of Skills Based Certificates which are awarded to students looking to progress into different areas of power kiting. Whilst you show your friends what you did with your day/weekend it also gives you a valuable gauge on your on-going kite skills.


Can I get any pictures of me flying?

If you want to be photographed flying kites just let us know beforehand. As part of our lessons we now also offer secure personal galleries where students can view photos from their lesson(s).

Simply inform us before your lesson that you would like some photos taken and we can do the rest. If you want to take our own pics that's cool also, just don't try it whilst you're flying the kite ;o)

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